Walking Bad Dogs In The Underworld

With As Little Effort As Possible…

Walking Bad Dogs In The Underworld

With As Little Effort As Possible…

Time To Go Dog Walking!

Heckin Hounds is a trick-taking card game exploring the perils of professional dog walking in the underworld!

Do your job too well, and you’ll be promoted to management– a responsibility feared throughout the realm.

Do your job too poorly, and you’ll be demoted to professional dog food instead!

Heckin Hounds is a game all about being barely adequate

Players: 2-7 | Time: 15min (per player) | Age +12

Start Your Dead-End Job Today!

One Really Bad Dog!

Some of the undead canines are more of a… challenge to walk, let’s say.

A hellish hound of the underworld is selected to be the most fiendish pup in the pack.

You don’t want to walk this dog; some have lost fingers or arms, so watch out!

Assist Your Colleagues… Sort Of.

Explain what heckin hounds your fellow underworld dog walkers might be holding in their face out hand by giving the vaguest and least helpful clues!

I mean, why would you want to help them anyway?

It’s not like you want to walk the most hellish hounds ever known to possess the depths of the underworld…

The Reckoning!

The players that did the best job walking the hounds of the underworld are promoted to management, which is a horrible dead-end job in the underworld!

The players that did the worst job walking the heckin hounds are fired; and I think that means more than not walking dogs again…

Whoever did the least work without being fired wins!

Be The Most Brilliantly Mediocre Dog Walker!